Dear Gossips,

Taylor Swift was performing the other night in Edmonton when a fan reached up and tried to grab her leg. I love the way she glares at him afterwards. Click here to see.

What is the goal here? Like is the hope that she jumps off stage, kisses him on the mouth, and tells him he’s the Romeo she’s been waiting for? The only possible result is getting hauled off by security, non? Seems a waste when you’ve paid all that money for the tickets.

Yesterday my friend Lorella sent over an article about a street performer, Daniel Zindler, in Vancouver who almost busted his ass when a kid from the audience ran up to mess with his rig. When you see the video, you’ll appreciate how dangerous that could have been. Zindler ended up cussing out the kid and his parents. He concedes later on that he should have cut out the profanity (I wouldn’t but whatever) but doesn’t apologise for reprimanding the family, especially the parents, for standing by and laughing. Click here to read the article and to watch the video.

Impulse control problems. Children…and, apparently, some fans.

Yours in gossip,