Dear Gossips,

I’ve been on you about Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians. It’s the read of the summer. Have you? If no, get on it. Crazy Rich Asians has just been acquired by the producers of The Hunger Games. According to THR, the film will be made “outside the studio system” which is encouraging to me because, well, you don’t want a book called Crazy Rich Asians to suddenly become Crazy Rich White Asians. This is what’s exciting – a movie with significant Hollywood interest that will feature a totally Asian cast without calling for “computer geek in the back row”. I’ve been waiting for Liza Lapira to break out for a while now. And for Astrid? In my mind, I always pictured her a Faye Wong/Karen Mok hybrid. Still thinking. But here’s Nicholas Tse’s chance, finally, for a solid English-speaking role.

Anyway, there are four weeks left before Labour Day. This is the book you need for the beach.

Yours in gossip,