Dear Gossips,

Thursday night overload. I watched 5 hours of TV last night which is more than I sometimes watch in an entire week. The Canadian leaders’ debate was on. The Republican presidential debate was on. Jon Stewart said goodbye…

And Dr Dre dropped his new album, Compton. It’s his first in… I can’t even remember that’s how long it’s been. Like 15 years? I gave it a quick listen before bed and I’ve been repeating it all morning. This is definitely not a toss-off. And it’s not just Dre, either. Everyone who’s working with him here has been asked to elevate their game. Like Eminem, who hasn’t sounded this strong in a while. There’s an urgency on Compton that feels like it’s been waiting a long time to reveal itself. Dre has confirmed that he’ll be donating all royalties from the album to fund a new performing arts facility in Compton. And, as you know, the movie, Straight Outta Compton, comes out next week.

Any drama? Of course there’s drama. Everyone’s talking about how a few of Kendrick Lamar’s verses were meant for Drake. And Kendrick’s no weak Meek.

Have a great weekend! 

Yours in gossip,