Dear Gossips,

Great Gossip has prevailed this summer. And so far...none of it has involved the Brange. How’s this? Brange in the background? Well, not forever. More on this later.

Robert Harting is one of today’s Olympic faces, not only because of his hilariously unforgettable celebration - the video is below if you missed it - but also because after winning gold in discus and celebrating in London, he got locked out of the Village when his credentials were stolen! Someone stole from the Hulk of the Games!?!?


Three time gold medallists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings because I love them, especially Kerri. I feel like I'd be able to do anything if Kerri Walsh was my teammate. Just to earn a high-five. And a hug. I am a terrible hugger. It’s just... not comfortable. Kerri looks like she gives great hugs - warm, heartfelt, lingering, and super encouraging.

Another big day today. Usain Bolt goes for the 200m. Can he? 3:55pm ET!

How is it that there are only 4 days left?

Yours in gossip,