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Sasha! I’m going to a very formal wedding but I want to make to look super cool and fashion forward at the same time.  I already have a beautiful Chanel tight cropped top so what I need your help with is a long to the ankle or to the floor cool printed skirt.  Think DRAMA! Please help me!  


Nowadays you can get away with a lot at weddings; especially if you play it off like it’s all in the name of expressing your own personal fashion flare!  So T, let’s go big or go home!

I’m gonna go in guns a blazin’ because T, I found three show stoppers by Alice Olivia that all dial up the drama.  Get clicking here (1), here (2) and here (3).  Damn good, right?

Sasha Finds: Long/Printed Skirts

If you like to push the fashion boundaries then this (4) Roksanda Ilincic is W.O.W!  The architectural shape paired with the plaid silk print….give me a break – it’s perfect.

Sasha Finds: Long/Printed Skirts


Stripes can also pack an unexpected style punch and to prove it to you I’ve sleuthed out some great styles here (5), here (6) and here (7).

Sasha Finds: Long/Printed Skirts

You know I love a good pleat and T, if you can get down with that too then click here (8) and here (9).

Sasha Finds: Long/Printed Skirts

Now I know you wanted to go with a floor grazer, but if you’re open to hiking up the hemline a tad I think you’re going to love my next picks.  Get clicking here (10) and here (11).

Sasha Finds: Long/Printed Skirts

Finally, the fact that you’re working a solid crop top means you can really blow out the bottom with a busy print, and I’ve got some serious standouts here (12) and here (13).

Sasha Finds: Long/Printed Skirts


Thanks for writing in!  And keep your questions coming my way to [email protected]

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