Dear Gossips,

It’s December. Jacek and I put our tree and lights up this weekend. We are ready. Typically, every year, I have my Christmas shopping done by December 2. That’s tomorrow. This year I’m not sure if I’m making my deadline because …teenagers. You know.

Anyway, if you’re still shopping, I have a suggestion for you.

Sasha and I have always bonded over one thing – something we don’t share with Duana. Duana gets home from work and stays in her “out” clothes until bedtime. Sasha and I have never understood this. We are pyjama people. We walk in the door, get into our pyjamas (proper pyjamas, not just yoga pants and a random tee right away), and live in them forever. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know my devotion to pyjamas. If I am an expert in anything, it’s pyjamas. For my birthday this year on The Social, the producers let me wear my pyjamas on the show on my birthday. It was a onesie…with a hood! (I’ve attached the image blow.)

So… we’ve partnered with eLUXE to design our first collection of pyjamas! There are six sets in total. Here’s what we’ve named each pyjama style:

The Keaton
The Riggs
The Whitley
The Cooper
The Chase
The Kelly

Can you guess the inspiration? The first person to email me at [email protected] correctly guessing each style inspiration will receive a $250 eLUXE gift card.

As you’ll see, we’re the ones wearing the items in the lookbook. We didn’t want to present them to you on “model” bodies. We really hope you like them.

Please note that there are TWO styles for “The Keaton”: the limited edition houndstooth print (it was always my dream to find the PERFECT houndstooth pyjamas and these are IT) and the regular “terrier” houndstooth print. Little Scotties!

But there’s another reason why pyjamas were important, especially at this time of year. As you may know, I used to work for Covenant House Vancouver; I am still a donor and a fundraising volunteer. Street kids won’t be tucked in wearing pyjamas during the holidays. For them, it’s often the loneliest time of the year. At Covenant House, we shelter them, we clothe them, we feed them, and we BELIEVE in them. We help them begin to believe themselves that by next Christmas, they can change their lives.

I will be donating ALL MY PROCEEDS from the sale of these pyjamas to Covenant House Vancouver. On behalf of our youth and our youth workers, thank you in advance for your support.

Please click here to see the collection.

Yours in gossip,