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Dear Gossips,

As expected, the LA Film Critics brought The Master back into the race. And they chose Joaquin Phoenix over Daniel Day-Lewis. DDL did get the Boston Society of Film Critics vote though making it two so far for him from the critics associations and one each for Phoenix and Bradley Cooper. So... if it doesn’t look like even DDL will be a lock, should anyone or any movie be considered a lock?

YES to Dwight Henry’s LAFCA win for Best Supporting Actor in Beasts Of The Southern Wild. I wrote a couple of weeks ago - click here for a refresher - that I wished there was some way he could be acknowledged for Quvenzhane Wallis’s affecting performance. And he was. And there should be more.

Can you imagine what this must be like for him? He’s a baker! He had this little bakery and they’d leave flyers there, in New Orleans, about auditioning locals so he tried out, just for kicks. And then he moved his shoppe and they couldn’t find him and they were desperately looking all over him because, obviously, who else could be Hushpuppy’s daddy?, and they finally tracked him down and he got the part and now he’s winning awards and working on movies with Brad Pitt (12 Years A Slave). Still, he insists that “Baking is my business and it will always come first”. Let me see Dwight Henry’s face if he’s on set and some bullsh-t entitled Hollywood actor sends his sandwich back because it’s not cut into neat sections exactly to his specifications.

Have you seen Beasts Of The Southern Wild yet? Why not?!?

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