Dear Gossips,

Big snow this morning in Toronto. I took my time in the car on the way to work and it was a lot more enjoyable because it’s Thursday. Serial Day. The penultimate Serial Day.

Sarah Koenig says there’s only one more episode. But…I’m not done yet. Are you? This, I think, was the fear. That at the end there would be no resolution. Some of you have emailed me to say that you’ve read elsewhere that Koenig herself has said that seeking a resolution wasn’t the point. And that’s fine. If there was another point. Like a thesis. I’m not sure I’ve worked out what the thesis is. If you have, please tell me.

My friend Lorella sent me this Sesame Street tweet this morning. Do we give Sesame Street enough credit for always being down with what’s trending? Serial had a moment this year. A very long, very entertaining moment. More entertaining, at least to me, than the booty’s moment, which is ongoing.

It’s time soon to start posting the annual Best and Worst pop culture stories of the year and I’ve been slowly putting together my list. But then the Sony hack came along and completely f-cked with the order. What’s on your Best and Worst Gossip lineup of 2014? Let me know!

Golden Globe nominations this morning. More on that later.

Yours in gossip,