Dear Gossips,

My Five List has been updated. Because I have it really, really bad for Seth. Who is Matthew McNulty? Obviously you’re not watching Misfits Season 3 which... need to get on that soon. And as I’ve already noted, Nathan is now totally irrelevant. Nathan isn’t missed. Nathan’s like a probation worker. He’s gone and shrug.

But Seth...

Seth is my boyfriend.

None of what I’ve just written is a spoiler. But it’s getting harder and harder to not reveal spoilers especially since we’re approaching the final episode of the season, f-ck! Why are these seasons so short???

Here comes my Christmas nagging - you’re missing out on an entire conversation if you’re not watching Misfits, for real. Seasons 1 and 2 are all over YouTube or you can buy off iTunes and take them with you to the holiday family gathering to escape from your annoying relatives. As for Season 3, it’s only available on iTunes UK (I will never understand this geo-blocking geo-sales business) but Google will guide you, I promise.

Check up on LifeStyle today for Evan Rachel Wood and Miley Cyrus and more and, later on, Sasha’s new advice column features a lot of mother drama.

Yours in gossip,