Dear Gossips,

Congratulations to Jennifer J who was the first to correctly guess the naming inspiration for our pyjama collection. Jennifer just won $250 to spend at eLUXE. The Keaton, The Chase, The Kelly, The Riggs, The Whitley, and The Cooper were all named for television: Family Ties, A Different World, My So Called Life, 90210, Friday Night Lights, and The Wonder Years. Because when we watch our favourite shows, Sasha and I are always in pyjamas.

Thank you so much for your feedback and support for the launch of our first collection. The pyjamas start shipping on Monday! Click here to go through the lookbook. And remember, I’m donating ALL MY PROCEEDS to Covenant House Vancouver.

Holy sh-t what a week in gossip. The coverage has spilled out over two pages most days this week so if you haven’t caught up, please click VIEW OLDER at the bottom of the page to access more posts. Like this one about Jennifer Aniston’s greatest victory to date over Brange. And now everything slows down for the holiday break. So that’s how Jen gets to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s… unless the Jolie wants to mic drop something on Monday?

Is it started to feel like gossip has an advent calendar?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,