Dear Gossips,

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has released its list of nominees and... there is no Tourist. I mean, you were half expecting it, weren’t you? Forget Pia Zadora, if you want something more recent, in addition to the blatant Jolie-Depp asskissing from a couple of years ago, they also found a way to include Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List not too long ago. So, you know, performances are important, sure. But at the HFPA, red carpet presence is really, really, really critical too. The HFPA recognises that simply being famous is part of the job too. Perhaps even the most significant part of the job. The upside? It really is the best carpet. This year, it looks like it’ll be a great carpet. Um... Taylor Swift.

More on the Golden Globe nominations later but here’s one last thought: when the Jessica Albas of the world are up there (Mrs Timberlake’s been asked to do this before too), reading off other people’s names, do you think they’re choking inside? Or do you think they imagine that one day it’ll happen to them?

Yours in gossip,