Dear Gossips,

So they’re saying The Hobbit could open over $90 million this weekend. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring was the only movie of the three that I saw in the theatre. And I swear, I kept trying to care, I really did. Please. Of course I did. I wanted badly not to be left out of a pop culture phenomenon. I wanted badly to participate. It just never happened for me. And I carry this shame forever. Because tonight, while everyone lines up to see The Hobbit, I think I might hit up... Twilight.

It’s been so busy with all the travel, and there were other theatrical priorities, like cramming all the award season contenders in, that I still haven’t seen Twilight 5. Worse - my confession: I’d rather see Twilight 5, and laugh at the bad acting and the sh-tty CGI, than watch those hobbits scampering up and down the hills of mystery and adventure. This admission comes without pride. Don’t you think that I would have changed this about myself if I knew how? you think it’s offside to go to The Hobbit only for the Star Trek Into Darkness 9 minute preview and then leave to make the start of the Twilight movie?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,