Dear Gossips,

Well, there was no glaring “The Tourist” moment when the Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. But that doesn’t mean the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, like I said yesterday, didn’t prioritise the Brange. I wonder if that’s tops the agenda of their selection committee: how can we guarantee Brange’s attendance? Sort the categories accordingly.

How about Pitt, Clooney, Gosling, Fassbender, and DiCaprio all in the Best Actor Drama category?


It’s AMAZING for the viewer. And this pretty much sums up the Globes. The Globes are for the audience and the entertainment. The Globes are not for merit. Let’s not discuss the Globes in relation to what the awards actually mean then, ok? When everyone else virtually ignored The Ides Of March and the Globes fellated it with four nominations...? You know that’s more about getting George Clooney in the ballroom than anything else. Which is why Madeleine Stowe was recognised and not, say, Connie Britton. A show like Revenge, which I fully intend to catch up on over the holidays, was made for the Globes. I’m sure I will love it, but you can’t tell me, after only, what?, 10 episodes?, that Stowe’s work is better than Mrs Tami Taylor’s. Please.

Approach the Globes for what they are: a high school dance, only the most gossipy event ever, and all that matters is who’s going with whom, who talks to whom, who’s wearing what, and a close up on the Jolie’s face during Brad’s speech if he wins. What else is there to talk about anyway?

Yours in Gossip,