Dear Gossips,

There’s a show I’m obsessed with. And I was obsessed with it last year too.

Did you watch 24/7 Flyers-Rangers: Road To The Winter Classic on HBO the other night? If you just rolled your eyes all like, ugh, who cares about a show about sports, well, sorry, but that’s dumb. Some of the best filmmaking is being showcased in sports documentaries right now, with all the skill - and sometimes more - and drama you expect from “real movies”, only terribly underrated for that very reason: people assume it’s just “a show about sports”. The goal of any film or TV show is to find the humanity behind the story. Which is what HBO’s 24/7 delivers...without makeup, hairspray, lighting, or Ryan Murphy’s ego.

And for those of you who work in film and television, this is major producer/director/editor porn.  I remember my friend Lara last year, who works in television as a producer/director, and who’s never shown any interest in sports at all, and who, um, spends a lot of time on TLC, totally addicted to 24/7 Capitals-Penguins because of all the reasons just cited but also because, from the perspective of someone who makes good television, and knows good television, she could not believe the kind of GREAT television HBO was delivering with this series.

Also, I’m really attracted to John Tortorella, like, in a boyfriend way. Just me?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,