Dear Gossips,

Thanks for your emails yesterday re: the Harry Styles cutoff. Three times he was with the kin of Kanye West's girlfriend. And three times is too many, even though, God he's just so f-cking cute with the hair and the dimples and the...


We have to, you understand. Because he's now willingly being exploited by Kris Jenner. It's over least until it's over.

But before we get to Shia LaBeouf, let's remember, yet again, that Shia LaBeouf started out as a child star. At this point it's almost a foolproof guarantee to f-ck up your kid: make them famous.

Sorry about being late today. It's been a clusterf-ck. I had an early shoot for etalk that started at 8am. And our dog, Barney, is sick and Jacek had to spend the morning at the vet. We're low on manpower. Doing our best to get back on schedule. We apologise for the inconvenience. Thanks so much for your patience.

On the plus side...

Blake Lively is giving us some gold. Remember that lifestyle project she's been promising that no one has ever thought of yet because she's super original? Well apparently it's not exactly "lifestyle" but it does involve food. She's "creating a brand that (she feels) the need for". And she’s being "vague" on purpose because she's been working on it for two years and when it finally launches -- some time in 2014 -- you'll know her genius, obviously, and understand why it's taken so long, with so much mystery.


No. No, we're not talking about Beyonce.

But that’s how Blake Lively is making it sound.

Click here to read Blake's interview with The Cut.

Yours in gossip,