Dear Gossips,

So...Gossip Girl ends forever tonight; apparently they’re revealing who she is. And I still care. I care enough to come home from my office Christmas party, likely very messy, and watch the two hour finale. Or at least the last 15 minutes.

Is it weird that the cast hasn’t really been out promoting this? Does Blake Lively’s Martha Stewart Wedding’s special count as her promoting this? Pretty sure that’s not how she intended it. The issue is scheduled to be on newsstands a week today so... we should see the cover this week. Something to look forward to then. Something to be distracted by. If you’re looking for a distraction...

I’ll be here, trying. Like Ashley Greene. Or Angelina Jolie’s leg. She makes an appearance on the Best & Worst of 2012 List that begins today. But was it a best or was it a worst?

Yours in gossip,