Dear Gossips,

So. About those Adele tickets. How did that work out for you? Some of you emailed ecstatically about getting floor seats. Some of you were crying with disappointment. My friends and I exchanged almost 300 texts on group chat over the course of an hour. Stressing and agonising over the wait times and getting kicked out of the queue and the minutes either climbing or dropping or, in my case, freezing on 8 minutes for half an hour. In the end, we did get our tickets, sort of.

There are 6 of us. We ended up with four seats together and then 3 random singles in different sections. So now we have to figure out who’s sitting and who has to be by themselves and I have avoided shopping malls for years, especially during the holiday season, specifically to bypass this kind of tension. And it was Adele tickets that brought it all back. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!?

Keep your first world whinging to yourself, Lainey.

OK. It’s a week until Christmas and, for some, the last day at work until 2016. Please note that I’ll be blogging Monday to Friday, per usual schedule, through the next couple of weeks, with some light days here and there so if you need to get away from that asshole that your aunt married, pull me up on your phone, even if it’s in the bathroom. I would actually feel honoured if you were reading me while pretending to take a sh-t. Happy Holidays!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. This is me writhing around in a chair for etalk’s Stars & Scandals airing tonight on CTV at 8pm. We’re recapping the year in gossip. Guess who I’m imitating.