Dear Gossips,

I came home last night totally jacked from Watch The Throne, the final stop on the tour. And then I turned on the series 3 finale for Misfits and it f-cked me up. Let me give you a day or two to see it, especially for those of you in North America. (Like I said, Google will guide you. Promise.) And then I’ll have to write about it. Because oh my God Howard Overman has balls. Also, does he actually think he can accomplish anything close to his what he has in the UK on a US version?

As for Jay-Z and Kanye …

If they ever tour again, you have to go. Even if you’re not into hiphop, you should go. It’s a throwdown of a performance. And besides, then you can truly appreciate why Beyonce married him… that is, if you ever questioned it. When you see him live, you’ll never doubt it. B isn’t Jennifer Lopez. B doesn’t slum. PS. I was really excited about being in the same building as Little Rider. But that’s still not enough to get me out of my Misfits anxiety. Please watch it soon. I need to release.

Yours in gossip,


PS. If you’re not into, um, the other methods of watching, Episode 1 of the new season of Misfits is now available on Hulu which is NOT available in Canada. For Canadians, series 3 begins on Showcase on January 5.