Dear Gossips,

The New York Film Critics Circle will announce its awards list today. Yesterday it was the National Board of Review. The NBR named Mad Max its Best Picture of the year, Matt Damon its Best Actor, Brie Larson Best Actress, Jennifer Jason Leigh Best Supporting Actress, and Rocky Balboa Best Supporting Actor. I’ll come back to that in a minute. The NBR’s list of top 10 films also included Creed and…. Straight Outta Compton. I’m not sure Compton’s gonna make it in New York later this afternoon, but do love that the NBR’s selections included commercially successful films and will probably end up being more diverse than many of the honours that will follow in the next few weeks.

As for Sylvester Stallone…

I wrote on Friday – click here for a refresher – that Stallone’s Oscar narrative would be the sentimental story of award season, coming back as his most iconic character, in a supporting role, as the franchise is rebranded as Creed. I saw Creed last night. Wanted to turn around after it was over and see it again. Creed is worth it. Creed is a classic Rocky movie and Creed is so many things and so much more. What Ryan Coogler has done here is SO impressive. And it’s exciting. Because his partnership with Michael B Jordan is only just beginning. Also, I want MBJ’s entire wardrobe from the film. He wears a sleeveless white warmup hoodie for the final fight with CREED across the back that I’m trying to turn into my wardrobe, only mine would say LUI.

Yours in gossip,