Dear Gossips,

Every year, near the end of the year, we come to Tofino for a couple of weeks and we stay on the beach at Pacific Sands and it’s beautiful and stormy and comfortable and relaxing away from the city and the wireless is mostly reliable and we can be connected but also not connected at the same time. So this time we decided to do it over the holidays.

Unfortunately the internet has been down at our resort. Not sure when they’ll be able to fix it but we’ve been offline since last night and are now going off a 2G connection, parked outside one of the cafes in town, only realising when we got here at 6:30am that they don’t open until 8am. Is this creepy? I worry that the village folk will think we’re city creeps, huddled in the dark, each with a laptop open, two shady strangers in a non-descript vehicle.

So apologies for the late start today -- we’re trying our best to rush through our updates and post new articles to the site soon! Also, given that we’re working on a lower bandwidth, we may not be able to feature as many photos as we normally do.

Hopefully we can fix the situation soon.

So sorry for the inconvenience! Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,