Dear Gossips,

The People have voted! Thanks for your votes in the Annual Gingerbread House competition. Click here to review the entries.

Your winner, by a landslide, was Christmas on Sesame Street followed by Christmas – Gothic Style, then When in Rome (for Christmas), and finally Oh Christmas Tree(house). The actual winner, as determined by the one judge (Lorella’s mother) was:

Christmas – Gothic Style

Second place: Sesame Street
Third place: Oh Christmas Tree(house)
Fourth place: When in Rome (for Christmas)

Can you believe that ideas for next year are already under consideration?

Thank you for supporting this tradition! Means a lot to everyone to know that you’re so into it!

A quick schedule update: I’ll be posting for a few hours today but the blog will be dark tomorrow and Friday for Christmas. Back on Monday, December 29th.

Wishing you health, joy, love…

Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Everything!

Yours in gossip,