Dear Gossips,

Many thanks to the major players for their Christmas kindness - no eloping, no divorcing, no adopting, no getting caught cheating, no super scandal to interrupt the long holiday weekend giving the gossip business an extended break. Is Matthew McConaughey considered a Major Player anymore? Was he ever? Not being facetious. Just really curious about how you’d rank him. In some conversations, “Major Player” includes a Kardashian. I’d like to believe that that sh-t peaked in 2011.

It’ll be a light week of posting until everyone resumes a normal schedule right after the New Year. For those of you who keep asking about Blake and Ryan though, and there are a lot of you, yes, I do have exclusive details about their multi-destination Christmas. More on that later.

Wouldn’t it have been great to have been in Ireland, at the entrance to St Stephen’s Park in Dublin, to see Bono and Glen Hansard busking for charity on Christmas Eve?

Yours in gossip,