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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vogue cover in 2008 was the magazine’s worst selling in many years. It was a headline people were very, very quick to celebrate. That’s how it is with Gwyneth though. We love to make big news of her shortcomings and totally ignore the good headlines.

The list of this year’s best and worst selling magazine issues has been released. Gwyneth’s ELLE cover was actually that publication’s top selling of 2011. Something tells me that won’t be made public knowledge the way her bomb of a Vogue stat was. Even more interesting: Michelle Williams and Reese Witherspoon only moved 296,000 and 303,000 copies of their Vogue issues respectively, both lower than GOOP’s 310,000 in 2008; that little factoid probably won’t get too much play on the blogs though, and certainly not for snark either. While G’s ELLE was the year’s best, do you know whose ELLE was the worst? Emma Stone. I love Emma Stone. We all love Emma Stone. Which is why Emma Stone won’t be embarrassed online for her poor showing.

And who else sucked at the newsstand? Justin Timberlake.


But Pippy wins at everything!!!

Actually, he doesn’t. Not when he’s selling as an actor. His W cover with Amanda Seyfried only sold 15,000 copies. And his Esquire was that magazine’s worst of the year at 73,000. This, of course, was not his fault. It’s never his fault. Somehow he’ll find a way to blame it on a co-star or another colleague. But definitely not Mila Kunis. Mila has emerged as a major cover star. That’s the only time Timberlake enjoyed some success on a cover: when he was sharing it with her.

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