Dear Gossips,

Best story I read yesterday was over at The Hollywood Reporter about how Academy members were having a hard time voting online to determine nominations. Apparently some of them have never owned a computer and are confused about setting up a password and when they call the helpline, it’s all jammed up from other people with the same problem. Before we collectively throw up our hands and bitch about how OLD they all are though, surely some of us can commiserate on the setting password gripe, non? I get locked out every time I try to change my work password and then the system acts like I’ve been fired and they have to call my executive producer to confirm that I’m legit.


Those Academy members, some of them apparently aren’t taking well to change and there’s concern that they just might give up entirely and not participate. Does that mean that the nominees list could be shaped by the younger, more tech-savvy Academy demographic? It’s Emile Hirsch’s time to shine!

Light posting again today and I’ll be here on Monday too for a few articles. Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,