Dear Gossips,

I promised Duana I would start watching Gilmore Girls this holiday. That hasn’t happened yet. Those plans were derailed by Making A Murderer. Was it like that for you? Over a week ago Sarah texted me that it was a must. Then Danielle. Then N. Then Dylan. And I feel like it’s been the same for everyone else. As soon as your friends get on it, they start group-coercing you to do the same. Ten hours later you’re like what the f-ck just happened? Jacek watched with his mouth open half the time. Then he couldn’t sleep because he had to go back online when it was over to continue investigating the case. He has a theory. Oh I’m sure you have yours as well. Send me. I want to know. I also want to know if you believed the guy crying about the “blue ribbon”. Because my eyes rolled back so hard I almost disfigured myself.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Apologies about yesterday. We were planning to post but I had to be with my dad for a family commitment but I’m around the next few days as we approach the new year.

Yours in gossip,