Dear Gossips,

The Gotham Independent Film Awards happened last night in New York giving Inside Llewyn Davis a boost. Back in Cannes, everyone was calling the Coen Brothers film a lock for Oscar. Given the strength of the fall releases, it still has some work to do.

At the event, while Lee Daniels was on stage honouring Forest Whitaker, the crowd wouldn’t stop talking. It became so distracting for Daniels that he ended up telling them to “shut the f-ck up”. OK or offside?

I’ve been there before. I’ve hosted events where people just keep going, and despite the shhhhhs from around the room, they’re carry on undeterred. It’s infuriating. And my first instinct is to call it rude. But then again, let’s say you paid several hundred dollars, sometimes more, to attend a gala. And you’re there to enjoy yourself, to meet people, to catch up with your friends. Since you spent the money, are you then entitled to do whatever the f-ck you want?

More on the Gotham Awards later today. And the New York Film Critics Circle announces this afternoon. The National Board of Review goes tomorrow. The Golden Globes release their nominees list next Thursday. We’re getting some action before the holidays. Last push and then it’s Christmas.

Yours in gossip,