Dear Gossips,

By the end of Les Miserables on Saturday night I was ugly-crying into my coat. Then I went to the washroom, and sobbed over the sink. After that I looked up at myself in the mirror and ugly-cried some more. When I got back to the hotel I ran a bath and wept in the tub. It was very self-indulgent. Reviews are embargoed for now but I can offer some reaction on the film. More on this later.

Haylor has to be the ugliest-sounding celebrity couple moniker ever, and can we stop this now, please can we? The combining of the names? It’s almost as embarrassing as a middle aged man popping gun shots on the dance floor.

So now that it’s officially December and wives don’t have to be upset about their husbands’ moustaches anymore we can start rolling out our 2012 Bests and Worsts in Entertainment. Send me your lists! Also, today is Monday which means there will be a new Duana Name Nerd post going up in LifeStyle some time this morning. And one more thing -- coming up this week: our first male writer! 

Yours in gossip,