Dear Gossips,

Remember when Blake Lively tried to claim that those nudes off her phone were photoshopped? In 2012, I hope we find out who they were originally intended for. And whether or not it was an angry wife who made them available online.

Remember when Blake Lively made us forget about those photos and hooked up with Leo D, only to dump him for Ryan R? In 2012, I hope Blake Lively keeps DOing that and that Scarjo decides to pick up her own game too.

Remember when Prison Bride cried and cried? In 2012, I don’t think she’ll be able to escape, not even if she manages to give him a baby.

Remember when Beyonce’s zygote cockblocked the whole world? In 2012, Little Rider will emerge. With a diamond tooth already installed.

Remember when Jessica Biel kept auditioning and losing out to Anne Hathaway?  In 2012, she might marry Pippy and she’ll still keep losing out to Anne Hathaway.   

Remember when Jennifer Aniston finally found a boyfriend happily willing to scheme alongside her? In 2012, I hope they try to take it to the Brange on a carpet, with a trump card growing inside of her. It will be SO Good For Gossip.

Wishing all of us much more good gossip in 2012.

Thank you for another year of smut at Thank you for your messages, your tweets, thank you for yelling at me, thank you for coming to fight with me, thank you for reading every day. It would be impossible without your support.

Best to you and yours for a Healthy & Happy New Year. Be safe!

Yours in gossip,