Dear Gossips,

It’s not like you ever know at the start what years are good for gossip and what years are GREAT for gossip. But looking back on 2014, holy sh-t what a vintage year.

George Clooney peacocked his wedding. Brange got married too. And did they do it for God and Unbroken? Jennifer Aniston has campaigned her way to a legitimate chance at Oscar. Gwyneth gave us Conscious Uncoupling. And Martin Lawrence. And there was Sony. And Charlie Hunnam’s ass. Over and over and over again, his ass.


Sibling drama in an elevator! Which kicked off a summer of Beyonce love drama followed by a Taylor Swift autumn.

It’s been so much. Too much? Never too much.

Thank you, 2014. Tonight, when you are celebrating, save a toast for what 2014 gave us in gossip. And make a wish for 2015…

We get started immediately, in the heat of award season. Blogging all day today. We’re off tomorrow and Friday but gossip will return to its regular schedule on Monday. Be ready!

And HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you be safe and healthy and happy and loved!

Yours in gossip,