Dear Gossips,

Virgin Diaries was appointment television for many of my friends last night. During the show, they aired a preview for Toddlers & Tiaras. I turned to Duana like, what is this channel? Her response cracked me up:

“Oh, I know. TLC is FULLY a tabloid.”

So we’re still 10 weeks out from the Oscars but many of the experts have already made official their declarations and a large majority of them are going with The Artist which... did you read that article last week in the NY Post about the Oscars losing ground to the Golden Globes? Can you imagine the Oscar ratings if The Artist goes into February as the heavyweight? People would rather watch TLC. On the other hand, isn’t that what the Globes are? The TLC of award shows?

Jessica Chastain is the Michael Fassbender of actresses but she missed on the red carpet in Marrakech. That and more over in LifeStyle. More updates to that section later today as it was a busy weekend for events and also Sasha Answers this afternoon too.

Yours in gossip,