Dear Gossips,

Ethel has been shortlisted for Oscar Best Documentary and, supposedly, is considered one of the favourites. Have you seen it? If you, like me, have a Kennedy Family boner, this is required viewing. The archival footage is amazing. Over 60 years before YouTube, these people were visually documenting their lives -- not because they wanted to be famous, but because they knew they would be famous, and understood that they’d one day need to preserve the historical footage FOR THE REST OF US.

Two sides of the same coin -- is that the expression? The parents video baby singing so that he can become a big star. The parents video baby singing so that one day the tape can be submitted to the presidential library.

Or is it more like the natural evolution/devolution of ambition? We used to video baby singing for the presidential library but now we video baby singing for stardom...?

If you think of it that way, Taylor Swift kinda bridges both sides, right? 

Sorry for the late start today. I’m on early shift at etalk and there have been several shoots. New posts coming up soon!

Yours in gossip,