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Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 6, 2012 14:44:17 December 6, 2012 14:44:17

Dear Gossips,

My papaya totally worked today. Katy Cambridge is out of hospital! More on that after shout-outs but for now, on that prank call from Australia -- the Australian radio hosts have apologised for ringing up and pretending to be the Queen. Some people have been laughing at the nurse who took the call, wondering how she could have possibly fallen for it. But...can you imagine how she feels? To be made to look like a fool, like, in front of the entire world, and then to worry that she might be punished for it? There are dumbasses who deserve the snark, of course. I just don’t know that she should be considered one of them. And certainly not over the two who were on the other end of the conversation.

So... Bradley Cooper named Best Actor by the National Board of Review...

It’ll help his chances for a nomination for Oscar, sure, but the NBR’s record the last few years hasn’t been all that solid. Last year they called it for Hugo. And their acting acknowledgments didn’t much match the Academy’s either. Still, their support of Zero Dark Thirty does mean Kathryn Bigelow’s in the lead again. And that The Master is quickly fading unless the LA Film Critics give it a push this weekend.

By the end of February, we’ll all have award season fatigue. Right now though, sorry, I can’t stop.

Yours in gossip,


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