Dear Gossips,

We haven’t talked yet about the Grammy nominations. Justin Bieber was left off the list. It’s probably the first time he’s been denied - anything - in several years. JB told Oprah during their interview recently that he wanted to win a Grammy. It would appear that the Recording Academy is making him wait. So I guess there’s one thing JB wants that he can’t have.

Unlike Chris Brown, JB did not take to Twitter to rant and bitch about the omission. Instead it was his manager Scooter Braun who posted several messages expressing disappointment about what he calls the Academy’s “mistake”. There were a few capital letters but there was no profanity, though Braun was clearly outraged that the Grammys “blew it” in not recognising “the kid” for his contribution. Then he was all like, oh well, we’ve always been underdogs and we are still underdogs... which is the right message, in a way, to have the attitude that you have to keep pushing but, um, Justin Bieber an underdog? For real?

It’s really bad form, non?

Some would say he’s entitled to his opinion. Others would say you should never feel entitled to whine about not being invited to a party and especially when you already have SO MUCH. Braun is an important ADULT in JB’s life and, supposedly, the one who claims to give him limits. It might explain how Justin Bieber ended up wearing overalls to meet the Prime Minister.

“This is modern movie stardom, and it's depressing: the romantic lead who could also be selling us body spray.” -- The Boston Globe on Gerard Butler in Playing For Keeps, opening today. does Gerard Butler keep getting movie offers? Or why not just work with Katherine Heigl every single time?

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