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Have you read Alec Baldwin’s non-apologetic apology? Alec says the big bad flight attendant was mean to him and singled him out for being on his phone when everyone else was doing it too. But this is what happens to celebrities, non? They forget how it feels to get shafted. We all get shafted, we civilians. It’s a part of life, to encounter some bad luck, to not have things go smoothly all the time, to, once in a while eat some sh-t as a counterbalance to the good. We don’t have the luxury of indignation. Or the luxury of perfect expectations. Perfect then, I guess, is for Celebrity.

Alec Baldwin has suddenly appointed himself some kind of airline crusader, the leader of the anti-airline movement, just because he was asked to put his phone away in compliance with air travel regulations. Like somehow his refusal to abide by an allegedly crusty flight attendant’s orders represents every time you’ve been harassed by the TSA, been delayed and missed your connection, and were denied a pack of peanuts. Alec is your hero now! Alec, in first class, stood up for the people!


Is this the symbol you want to rally around? A pampered star who's told No for the first time in a long time and stomps his feet, blaming his bad behaviour on an entire industry as an excuse for acting like a spoiled twat...

If this is your ringleader, it’s a pretty pathetic uprising.

Alec wasn’t fighting for you when he protested the flight attendant’s treatment of him. It was a reaction to not being INDULGED. Shut up and turn off your phone. End of issue.

By the way, did you know that if something goes wrong on a flight, the pilots are allowed to bail as soon as possible with no expectation to wait for passengers while flight attendants are professionally obligated to assist passengers and cannot head for safety themselves until every passenger has been helped and secured?

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to read Alec Baldwin’s explanation of what happened when he was kicked off his flight. (Thanks Victoria!)

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