Dear Gossips,

The Boston Society of Film Critics and the LA Film Critics Association both named Boyhood the best film of 2014 yesterday. So Boyhood and director Richard Linklater are well on their way to Oscar nominations. But, as Ritchie wrote in his email to me last night, it remains to be seen whether Boyhood ends up being The Hurt Locker or The Social Network. That said, what’s the 2014 version of The King’s Speech, the film that took down The Social Network? Well, The King’s Speech was a Harvey Weinstein-led campaign. This year, Harvey is repping The Imitation Game.

In the acting categories, JK Simmons continues building momentum and Patricia Arquette too, although LA totally ignored the fact that the studio is putting her in the Supporting Actress category and recognised her in her rightful position as Boyhood’s lead, honouring her ahead of Julianne Moore. Julianne doesn’t have to worry about Arquette at the Oscars. They can both win there. And if you were betting on it now, Simmons, Arquette, and Moore would be a safe place for your money in 3 of the 4 acting categories.

Boston went with Michael Keaton for Best Actor. LA? LA decided it would be Tom Hardy in Locke. NO ONE has been looking at Hardy. Not even Tom Hardy’s been looking at Tom Hardy. It could be that the LA critics were like, f-ck this game, we’re not playing by these Oscar predictor rules, we don’t give a sh-t about anything but deciding the best on the best merit. Or, you know, it’s that Tom Hardy man-crush. Evidently very strong in Los Angeles. Have I mentioned that my favourite porn star right now reminds me of Tom Hardy and that that’s probably why he’s my favourite porn star?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association will announce the Golden Globe nominees this coming Thursday. It’s always a good party. But this year it feels like it’ll be a really, really good party, even by Golden Globe standards. George Clooney’s honeymoon lap of the awards circuit.

Yours in gossip,