Dear Gossips,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Holidays? Sure. But… award season! The Golden Globe nominations will be announced on Thursday. In other words, the Tina and Amy Show. Tina and Amy will make coming back to work in January tolerable, promise.


That’s a lot of pressure, right? Well, you don’t think they know that? After they killed it last year, of course they know that. That they decided to return, knowing the pressure, is the point. So don’t worry whether or not it’s unfair that it’s too much pressure. Don’t patronise them with worry that it’s too much pressure. They’re good.

Last year Tina and Amy took a shot at James Franco and he wasn’t even in the room. Franco was just named Best Supporting Actor for his work in Spring Breakers by the LA Film Critics Association in a tie with Jared Leto. We can all hope. The LA Critics also tied Gravity and Her as the Best Films of the year. That’s two so far for Her. Does this mean 12 Years A Slave has suddenly become an underdog? Time to get to work, Brange.

Yours in gossip,