Dear Gossips,

Have you entered the Red Carpet Contest yet? There’s a gorgeous bag on the line. And a trip to LA for new and existing SCENE memberships. Most importantly though, it’s bragging rights. Everybody wants to be a know-it-all, a know-it-all for one year. Click here to enter now. Or maybe you want to wait a week or so, see if there are any momentum shifts from campaigning? They’re all working pretty hard right now. More on that later including the hustle from the Oscar Nominees Luncheon yesterday.

What is the Super Bowl but a major marketing push? Madonna took the opportunity to build on her post-halftime buzz to announce, surprise!, a new world tour. She’s starting in Israel at the end of May. She’ll end in Miami at the end of November. By the time it’s over they’re expecting it to be one of the highest grossing tours of all time. Will you pay $300 to see a long-form version of what you saw on Sunday? Or will you wait and buy the DVD? Either way, she earns from you. Click here for tour dates.

Oh look! Everybody hates Gisele!

Yours in gossip,