Dear Gossips,

It’s Super Bowl weekend! Or is it Beyonce’s Super Bowl weekend? At this point I wonder now if the game has to try extra hard to make the top headline for Monday morning. But that was always her intention anyway. Even at the inauguration, I guess, despite her protestations otherwise. More on Beyonce later.

“The night is young. And neither are you.”

How was your final 30 Rock?

“Conflict, urban, woman, divorce, shows about shows, writer, Justin Bartha, dramedy, New York, politics, high concept, complex, niche, quality, edgy, blog, immortal characters, foreign...”

Jesus, how did it stay on the air for 7 seasons?

"I hope you're so proud of the work that we did. Cause a lot of shows work long hours, but we worked hard during those long hours, and what we made was really good. And it's gonna stand the test of time. And you will all be home now to watch it [in syndication] on Fox." -- Tina Fey to the 30 Rock crew after shooting her final scene. (Source)

I love that she never apologises or has to be sheepish for being proud of her work. That’s a big declaration, isn’t it? “It’s gonna stand the test of time.” Coming from someone else, it may even be arrogant. Coming from Tina Fey, it’s not only not arrogant, it’s understatement. She didn’t say it in an interview or on Twitter. She said it to the people who never get enough credit. Click here for a great behind-the-scenes read on the final two episodes of 30 Rock.

Have a great weekend!

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