Dear Gossips,

The BAFTAs and NY Fashion Week and the Grammys, they all happened on Chinese New Year. AND...

The Jolie! The Jolie has emerged!

It must be High Season.

Let’s not waste time then. There’s a lot to get through today. Please refresh often for new posts. And PLEASE NOTE -- LifeStyle has been updated with collections from New York including Victoria Beckham’s. Check back on LifeStyle through the day as more looks from the red carpet and the runway this weekend will be added.

But first...

There were a lot of moves at the Grammys last night. Some of them were badass. And others... well...did you see Nicole Kidman and Jessica Biel trying to dance? Still, the best move of the weekend came on Saturday. No one else delivered anything quite as...memorable:


Are you weeping from the wanting?

Yours in gossip,