Dear Gossips,

Shani Davis did not win yesterday although he still has a chance for another gold on Saturday. To me, it doesn’t matter, especially not when you consider what he’s done for diversity at the Winter Olympics through his career. Some are calling these games the most inclusive Winter Olympics ever. And that’s definitely a positive. But we’ve still a long way to go on representation. Athletics is not unlike education – it comes down to access and opportunity. As Davis himself said, when asked whether or not the next generation of American speedskaters would feature those from a variety of different backgrounds, he answered honestly:

“Unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever happen. The price of an oval is very [expensive]. It’s not a mainstream sport like football or basketball. It’s not easily accessible like things at the park district. You have to kind of go out of their way to find such things.” 

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Today. Team Canada’s hockey team plays for the time in Sochi. And…

The Men’s Figure Skating Short Program. Which means Evgeni Plushenko is back. Why am I not writing about our Canadian men? Because I’m superstitious. Of course I want Patrick Chan to be great. But there’s been a jinx on Canadian men heading into the Winter Olympics for as long as I can remember and you get conditioned to that kind of disappointment. Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, Elvis Stojko – weren’t they all reigning world champions entering the Games? So shhhhhhh…shhhhh…shhhhh….

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