Dear Gossips,

Safe Haven isn’t getting the best reviews. For the people who would go to Safe Haven though, reviews don’t matter. They keep trying to make Julianne Hough happen. Maybe Nicholas Sparks can finally accomplish that. But what is Lasse Hallstrom’s excuse? This is the second Nicholas Sparks movie Hallstrom has directed. And, though it may not be as big as Dear John, it will likely go down as a win, based on box office. Fine. But does he have two What’s Eating Gilbert Grapes?

Whatever. Perhaps at the movies, especially at the movies, we get what we deserve: The reductive power of LOVE and, well, Fat Jokes. Click here to read Cinesnark Sarah’s scathing review of Identity Thief. Identity Thief topped the box office last weekend with $37 million and should do well again this weekend too. We are awesome.

Yesterday I wrote about Pax Jolie-Pitt’s nail polish and how the MiniVan Majority would go off on the Brange about gender controlling their children and pink and pregnant Porny and the infantilisation of the expectant. Naturally, some of you agreed, and others thought I was being an unreasonable c-nt, as usual. I addressed part of this in my TED Talk last year. (Click here to watch.) What does it say about our attitudes about women and their place in society? Thanks to Alex for sending along this article about colour conventions, how consumerism has affected them, and how the rise of the Motherhood Industrial Complex has contributed to our (debatable) regression. What are your thoughts? Please share.

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Have a great weekend!

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