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Dear Gossips,

A lot of people believe there is indeed a “fix” at work in ice dance figure skating. Here in Canada, some of it can certainly be attributed to being homers. After all, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are the alleged victims of the alleged collusion. And they sit over 2 points behind their rivals, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, even though both teams skated clean and many skating experts, who are not being handcuffed and muzzled, have indicated that on skill and performance, it’s about as close as you can get. And if it came down to simple preference over artistic style, should the gap really have been a 7 point differential in the team event and almost 3 points (and significant distance) now? That’s what’s really fuelling the suspicion. IF there is a secret dirty handshake that’s happening here, it would be that they don’t want to take any chances.

But IF there really is a deal in play, it’s equally as unfair to Davis and White as it is to Virtue and Moir. Because it’s not like Davis and White haven’t delivered. That they keep delivering, over and over again amid these accusations, makes all of it even more unjust. Because they should be celebrated for their consistency and their toughness instead of having it soiled by skepticism and doubt.

When it’s not a fix though, can you call it a curse? How about a pattern? As I mentioned last week – click here for a refresher – no Canadian men’s figure skating champion has taken Olympic gold after taking Worlds. That’s four of them now: Orser, Browning, Stojko, and Patrick Chan. Sure, I might be more superstitious than most, but can you deny that that’s a striking coincidence? I’m not suggesting that you throw the Worlds in a pre-Olympic year. If that were me though, and I legitimately lose at the Worlds in a pre-Olympic year, I might see it as a good sign.

There’s another word though: Redemption. For Brian Orser, he’s coached his way to two golds now. In his case, can we call it that?

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