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Dear Gossips,

Tina Maze won the Giant Slalom today in Sochi. It was her second gold medal of the Games after winning Slovenia’s first gold medal ever last week. But…did you know she’s a rocker? Her song My Way Is My Decision has been called the Roar of her country. The video is below. And check her out on stage on Sunday after the medal ceremony for the Women’s Slalom. HOT. Totally my Olympic Girl Crush. If she were North American she’d be a major superstar by now.

Welcome back to those of you returning from long weekend. It was a regular day here at LaineyGossip on Monday. Please scroll down and click VIEW MORE to catch up on what you missed. As for those of you asking for commentary on Miley’s tour opener in Vancouver, that’s coming later this morning. House Of Cards? I’ve not started yet and I won’t be able to start until after the Oscars and after I start re-watching Veronica Mars. Spoilers don’t bother me though so if you have thoughts, please do send them along.

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