Dear Gossips,


It was Yulia Lipnitskaya who dominated the discussion on the ladies’ figure skating side last week. Some believe she was over-judged. That they were so charmed by her pluck and precociousness they’ve ranked her higher than she deserves to be ranked. That she will eventually get there but that she’s definitely not there yet, and certainly not as there as her competitors. Who’s that? Well, Gracie Gold is one of them. Which is why Gold’s coach, Frank Carroll, offered this bitchy remark when commenting on Yulia’s team skate performance:

“I do think she’s wonderful, but she’s a little girl. Should we call it the little girl Olympics or is it the Olympic ladies’ champion?”

Oh it’s time now.

It’s time for the Girl Sh-t Main Event. The women’s figure skating short program goes today. There’s a Queen who’s looking to defend her title, an upstart who might steal it from her, two Americans who supposedly can’t stand each other, and Mao Asada who could spoil it for them all.

Girl Sh-t is the Best Sh-t. And there’s a man who brings more Girl Sh-t than anyone else:

Evgeni Plushenko.

Says he’s thinking about a comeback in 2018.


"Here's what I want to do. Recover completely, and if necessary do another 10 operations. I'll skip a couple of seasons, I'll learn another couple quads and come back to competition. That is to say, not return, but stay (in sport). I don't exclude the possibility that I want to remain in sport, to prove it to many people and to myself. I don't rule out that there will be a fifth Olympics.”

Fine. But will it be the same hair? Will it be the same wife?!

Yours in gossip,