Dear Gossips,


Russell Crowe will be performing at the Oscars. Just...sit with that for a minute. The Academy will salute the resurgence of the movie musical this year and members of the cast of Les Miserables will take the stage together to represent their film...including HBC!

On Sunday night, then, at your Oscar party, do you stay on the couch at this time, or do you take the opportunity to go pee? Please. If I were watching from home, or someone else’s home, you would not be able to move me during this part. If I were watching from a home, it would be Fiona’s home. Because I’d be making her cook for me. Prawn guacamole! She made it at New Year’s and even let me help, because it’s simple enough, even for someone who is kitchen-stupid. In other words, GOOP would think it beneath her. LifeStyle has been updated with the recipe along with several celebrity looks from the Oscar pre-events last night.

Apologies in advance as it’ll be a shorter day. Heading to LA this morning as part of the etalk Oscar team. Blogging from Hollywood & Highland (where the Oscars take place) for the rest of the week!

Yours in gossip,