Dear Gossips,

I woke up unsettled this morning and rather unwillingly. Because Prince William was in my dream and, like, REALLY hot. Now you know I’m for Harry, always. So it was weird, seeing Will with all his hair, on his army rescue ship in a grey t-shirt with really nice arms. Wonder what it meant...

Heading to LA this afternoon for Oscar Week. Here’s the thing about Oscar week: even if they’re not involved in the actual awards, unless they’re working elsewhere, most of them make a point of being in town and being seen. They will hit the party circuit. They will have those conversations, work the right people. Oscar Week is no time to stay home. And while the after parties are the ones that get most of the hype - primarily Vanity Fair - to me the best parties are the pre-parties, when everyone still has a lot of energy, when they’ve just arrived back to LA and are catching up with people they’ve not seen in a while. It was at an Oscar pre-party one year that I saw Mimi and Beyonce negotiate a meeting in the middle of the dining room at Cecconi’s while Nick Cannon stayed a full step behind his wife as the two ladies tussled, politely of course, for territory. At that same event, Jennifer Aniston ate quietly in a corner with her girlfriends before greeting Gwen Stefani. The night before, and this was before he really became a thing, I ate my risotto looking at the back of Robert Pattinson’s neck, admiring how his hair tapers into a lovely peak there. Twilight the First had just been released 3 months prior. But it was still early, and people pretty much left him alone; he mostly kept to his older companions. Last year I was at a party on the Thursday before the Oscars and Leonardi DiCaprio rolled in with his crew; he didn’t bother dressing up. My point is, it's a lot more casual in the days leading up to the Oscars than on the night of. Maybe because Oscar Sunday is a long ass day.

Anyway, full coverage from Oscar Week begins tomorrow. And I’ll be tweeting all weekend too from the parties, the Spirit Awards, and of course the main event.

Oh and one more thing - they were trying to make it a tradition I think, Madonna, Demi Moore, and Guy Oseary, for an annual Oscar after-after party. As you expect, Demi isn’t involved this year. MDNA, as she’s known now, is moving ahead with the event. She might have something to celebrate too. W.E. is up for Costume Design. Did you fill that out on your ballot???

Yours in gossip,