Dear Gossips,

What do you consider Good Gossip? Is it the breaking news headline like "Madison Quick and James Mason spotted out for dinner and a kiss!" Or can it be less time sensitive but more insightful? A discussion, for example, corroborated by Hollywood insiders, about how she'll always be the proverbial girl who got off the bus and lucked out with a pilot that turned her into a tv icon, still incapable of moving on from her romantic scandal without a handful of pills? Sometimes it's hard to answer "What's The Scoop?" in 10 words or less. That's the kind of good gossip can't be summed up in a quick headline, you know? I often wish we could all hijack one of those dating party chat lines  advertised in the middle of the night and giv'er on the gossip that way.

I've a f-cked up morning ahead starting with radio interviews and morning tv at 4am, going straight through to a shoot for etalk with the Canadian Oscar nominees. Have pre-written a few posts and will be blogging on the road but things should ease up by the afternoon. The good news? Taylor Kitsch on the red carpet!

Yours in gossip,