Dear Gossips,

So. Birdman. I mean, yeah. It’s a really good movie. And when it started picking up that momentum, the suspense was gone. Boyhood was done.

My only question is, and I don’t have the answer, but I feel like if I was going to Celebrity Studies class today this would be the discussion: Will Birdman endure? Would Boyhood endure?

Every year on Oscar Sunday, the etalk team shoots the show’s Monday footage from the red carpet, on the same route all the celebrities take into the auditorium when they arrive. Here we are yesterday, heading towards the stairs:



There are pillars along that path with the title of every Best Picture lining the runway. They remind you that what happens at the end of the night is honoured in perpetuity. Hollywood has decided that Birdman is forever. And it’s a navel-gazing kind of forever, isn’t it?

The Artist. The Art. The integrity of the art. Is eternal.

Duana and I have been writing all night. We’ll be posting through the day. We’re yelling at each other over several dresses. We know that you’ll be yelling at us too. And we want you to. Award season is finally over! We should be yelling as loud as we can!

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