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It’s Oscar Weekend!

Quick housekeeping first before we discuss the prescription pills:

On Sunday I’ll be on the red carpet shooting for etalk. Then during arrivals, I’ll be liveblogging on and tweeting - click here for my Twitter. During the Oscars proper I’ll be in the Oscar press room continuing with the liveblog. Have a really, really good question planned for Miss Piggy and Kermit;  hope they come backstage. And finally, after that, Duana and I are pulling an all-nighter for full coverage on Monday with dress analysis and commentary per tradition. We’ll start posting at 8am ET on Monday morning so please visit and refresh often! And keep emailing us; we love it!

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I guess rehab for an addiction to painkillers because of an injury is totally not the same as getting sh-tfaced at TIFF every night to the point of belligerence, right? They were smart to spin it this way, to control the story before the Enquirer did it for them. Because now his supporters can support him even more. Poor, poor brute. He must have been suffering so much. Of COURSE he had to self-medicate. Of COURSE he would never, never use anything harder, anything less legal. And don’t be ridiculous, his weight loss had NOTHING to do with cocaine.

Have a great weekend!

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