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Dear Gossips,

The best thing on television yesterday was obviously the hockey game. The second best thing on television yesterday was NBC’s 20 year anniversary film on the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding drama.


Please tell me you didn’t miss it. If you missed it, you should go find it. I lived it and even I forgot how f-cking crazy that sh-t was. And it was funny! Not that someone getting attacked is funny, but even they thought it was funny – that Harding’s motley crew of mastermind criminals managed to bungle up…everything. Remember when she had a problem with her bootlaces? Remember how Kerrigan wore her white warm-up dress to practice in Lillehammer, the same outfit she was wearing when they struck her leg with a baton? That’s some Hollywood costume styling right there. And remember when Harding stopped her program and cried to the judge? Even Jacek came running into the bedroom to watch that part. God, I’d forgotten how totally bananas it all was. Amazingly bananas.

Connie Chung was right though. This was before OJ. And before reality TV. And it was an international mega-story. And her point – as much as people love to piss on the media for fixating on headlines that are of “no value” to our cultural soul, we devoured it like fiends. Girl Sh-t is the Best Sh-t. Maybe that’s what the truth is: our basest instincts are low and dirty. Should we stop fighting it?

Anyway, the Olympics are over now. And many of you are suffering from withdrawal. I get you, I do. But you know how to cure it?


Our annual contest details will be posted today. I want you to win. The prizing this year is awesome.

Yours in gossip,


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