Dear Gossips,

Madonna will be performing at the BRIT Awards tonight. She also covers the new issue of Rolling Stone which leaked online yesterday. That’s a great red lip. And a really great red nail with gold accent. And the eyeliner is perfect. So are the eyebrows.

Anyway, as you know, M is pressing hard right now for her new album Rebel Heart. A world tour announcement is expected imminently. “I have a plan” is what she told Rolling Stone. Great. I look forward to whatever she has planned. But she needs a hit. Like a big hit. A high rotation play hit. The kind of hit that you can’t get out of your head. I don’t think Living For Love is that song. I mean it’s fine, but it’s not …inescapable, you know? What’s the next inescapable, you will know the lyrics forever, Madonna track? I really want there to be one. Let me hear it.

Heading back to frigid Toronto today after a day at Disneyland. Our last attraction was Cars, where Ryan Gosling and Guillermo del Toro were photographed the other day. And I was thinking that that’s the perfect meet-cute. On an amusement park ride. But then I realised it already happened. In The Notebook on the ferris wheel. I am terrified of the ferris wheel. Never the roller coaster but always the ferris wheel. Think about it. The roller coaster keeps going. But the ferris wheel just stops and leaves you there.

Yours in gossip,